The most radical of radical self-care

The most radical of radical self care

Leora chats with menstrual, and now menopause maven Rachael Crow of Moontimes. To support her journey healing cervical cancer, Rachael shares how she’s chosen to ramp up of her self-care practice.  But it’s no coincidence that her self-care practices are working wonders on her perimenopause path too. Watch Rachael’s inspriational words here Rachael treats us Read More…

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The Language of Menopause

What’s your immediate response when you hear the words perimenopause and menopause? Do they fill you with dread? Irritation? Excitement? Anticipation? Apprehension? Or just plain fear? Thankfully the subject of menopause is much more present in the social consciousness, and women are finding it ever easier to share their experiences. By maintaining awareness, all generations Read More…

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