Kindness for Therapists



Day retreat for therapists

Watford Quaker Meeting House

10am-5pm Saturday 16th June

 The early bird price is £70 and available until Sunday 6th May
Full price £85

Why is it SO hard for therapists to offer the same kindness to ourselves that we give generously to our clients? We’re in service to family, to our children, to our clients and all under time pressure to get stuff done! But how can we be also in service to ourselves?

Kindness for Therapists is a retreat day for you to receive nourishment and explore self-care that will effortlessly slip into your life and help you to stay topped up.

It’s an experiential day including a womb blessing and exploration for you access your inner wisdom, both guiding you to be kinder to yourself and giving you clarity on how to manage your energy.

Kate and Leora live in the real world with messy lives, and we know how hard it is to create space for self-kindness. This day is about telling you what to do or adding to your to-do list! Instead, you’re offered a re-set button, by creating a safe, cozy place where you can dive into your abundant inner wisdom, that is just waiting for to be heard.

“Doesn’t every living being deserve kindness?Why should you be an exception?”  –  Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer

The retreat is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, of any age from menarche to post-menopause who works as a therapist, coach, teacher or workshop leader and is curious about how she can be kinder to herself. If you’re not sure if the retreat would be useful for you, get in touch and ask us more.


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Sponsored place

We are offering a sponsored place for one woman on this retreat, you can nominate a therapist, coach, teacher or healer who sincerely deserves a nurturing and nourishing retreat day. Please send your nominations to by Sunday 6th May