Learning to surrender


Kate’s Adventures in Menopause Land

At Woman Kind, we value our own experiences as the greatest teachers and in this tender interview with Leora, Kate shares her adventures in menopause land, with all the messiness and authenticity of real life.  She shares:

  • How womb awareness has made a profound difference to her life
  • The core issue that menopause insists you tackle
  • How she’s recovering from adrenal fatigue


There is nothing like hearing other women’s stories to make you feel that you’re not alone, and we hope Kate’s experiences will show you that menopause is an opportunity for growth, not an embarrassing¬†condition.

Love Your Menopause day retreat is held on Wednesday 1st November and you can book your place here.

The book Kate mentions is ‘The Highly Sensitive Person’ by Elaine N Aron


4 thoughts on “Learning to surrender

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your ‘menopause journey’ Kate. Truly soothing balm, and as you say by hearing others experiences, we can normalise our own. That is so important as whilst each of us will follow a subtly different trajectory through peri/menopause, the ultimate destination is the same. Good luck with your Menopause Retreat.

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