Natural Care for Menopause


Love Your Menopause Day Retreat

Sunday 3rd November

Harlow Study Centre

Cost £90

Early bird price is now available here £75

If there’s one thing everyone who’s menopausal or perimenopausal longs for, it’s time for herself; time to rest, reconnect and just let go.

At a Love Your Menopause retreat day we have self-care on offer in spades, not only on the day itself but we also give you the space and resources to figure out how to build more of this into your everyday life as an ongoing practice. It’s amazing how setting an intention to make a tiny change can build over time into a major shift in kindness. Here’s what women experienced on the retreat day, in their own words.

If you’re curious but would like a taster of what we offer, you might enjoy our Menopause Medicine Circle Gathering on 14th October in Watford.

Many of us find ourselves bewildered by the changes that arrive in our 40’s, things we’ve done for years just don’t fit anymore, our moods, energy and cycles shift and change daily and we start to wonder who the hell we are.

The good news is that this is a normal healthy process of transformation. Far from the curse of mid-life, menopause is a dynamic gateway to transform yourself into the real you; a more authentic, essential, more focussed. Following your calling may be a BIG, scary, world-changing calling, or it might be a calling to potter in the garden!

On our Love your Menopause retreat day we take you through the five phases of menopause in an embodied process so that you can:
· orientate yourself, feeling you where you are
· identify what your next steps are
. feel the tools available to support you
· feel the encouragement of the second spring the new post-menopausal cycle arriving

“I was blown away…through a series of interventions we each built up a relationship with our wombs and that in itself was incredibly moving. The care with which they prepared for the day was awesome – every little detail from the yummy snacks to the pack of goodies we got to take home.”

The retreat is open to anyone who is experiencing perimenopause or menopause symptoms or who is curious to understand more.

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You will receive

Womb blessing

A bit like a feminine Reiki, this deliciously gentle healing nourishes your creative, feminine centre. It brings a reverence and grace to the exploration of what it is to be authentic and well-resourced.

Womb Love

This is a unique combination of embodied movement inspired by Womb Yoga, self-care belly massage and guided visualisation. It combines the physical benefits of increased circulation, release and lymph flow to your womb and belly, with a deep connection to your innate wisdom by embodied listening. We’ll be exploring how it is to leave behind roles and identity and emerge into a new cycle. As a side benefit, you’re also learning the ultimate in daily self-care!

The company of good women

Previous participants tell us that witnessing women’s stories and sharing our own in our warm, confidential circle is deeply healing in itself, reducing the charge around managing change in their lives.

Seasonal experiences

The afternoon is dedicated to exploring the 5 chambers of menopause in an embodied process. We’ve noticed that rather like Family Constellations, just doing this process creates energy shifts in your life without even trying.


At each stage of the day, there will be plenty of time to share as much or as little as is comfortable for you. The digestion and processing of new information is important when allowing change to happen, so we build in spaciousness to allow this to happen; particularly precious when we have so little of it in our daily lives.


To complete the day we’ll be supporting you in finding your way to allow these changes to happen. Everyone does this differently so we have a range of ideas for you to adopt.

“Menopause is an ending and a beginning, a time in which a woman deeply examines who she is, what she has done and who she now wants to be.”

Alexandra Pope


The retreat is designed for you if you are looking for natural remedies for peri-menopause and menopause. There have never been so many powerful menopausal people on the planet as there are now, imagine what could happen if we all stepped up consciously together?!

Free place

We have one free place to give away, just nominate yourself and/or a friend and email Leora before 13th October.


We provide delicious snacks, tea and coffee for the breaks, please bring a dish of veggie food to share at lunchtime.

You can find more information about menopause well-being here.

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