What we do

At Woman Kind retreats we create space for women and people who feel connected to their womb-space to explore how to live life with greater energy, increased creativity, and a deeper understanding of their own needs.

This exploration begins by inviting you to use your cyclical nature, whether through the menstrual cycle or menopause journey to discover the kindnesses that will nourish you for an authentic and flourishing life.

It’s so easy to recite the “I have to push through” mantra that our body and psyches’ needs often get totally forgotten.

We are all cyclical beings; whether that’s governed by our menstrual cycle, by the push and pull of the moon with the lunar cycle, or by our own internal circadian rhythm.

And it’s these cycles that lead us, rather than the other way round.

What we invite you to do at Woman Kind is to stop, take a breath (or two) and start listening in to what your body and mind are yearning for.

Often that stopping is kindest of kindnesses that we can show ourselves.

“My life has been forever changed by the work that you and Kate do. I LOVE that we can talk about our cycles and how it affects us on all levels, who we are and who we are becoming because of our cycles. These are conversations I wished I could have been having when I was younger, but there was no one to have them with. And then I met you all  As a result, I can now have everyday conversations about my cycle with my teenage daughter and hope that she will continue and embrace the openness and liberation I have found through you and Kate.”

  • Sharon Kaplan


1-2-1 Sessions

Leora and Kate are Menstrual Medicine Circle facilitators and offer 1-2-1 sessions online and in person. Medicine Circles are a profound uncovering of the patterns that hold us back from being our greatest self and offer the possibility of enhanced gifts and resources. They are suitable for people who feel connected to their womb-space, with or without a cycle and/or womb who want to explore menstrual, menopause, creative or personal growth issues. Here are Kate’s details and here are Leora’s.



We used to be Love Your Belly

When we birthed our first Love Your Belly workshop in 2014, we held the intention for women to feel connected and comfortable with themselves.

In the first workshops, we shared juicy self-care massage, encouraging women to give their bellies some love and let the kindness flow from there.

As we continued our training with Red School our offerings expanded to sharing Menstruality, Menstrual Cycle Awareness and menopause support, alongside self-massage, womb yoga and Womb Love, our own unique process.

Witnessing women benefit from more kindness, deep body listening, psycho-spiritual growth and creative potential made our hearts sing. We found we had moved on a long way from simply teaching self-care massage and that ‘Love Your Belly’ no longer described what we do.

And just like that, it was SO clear to us; kindness was at the heart of our offerings:

Kindness and cultivating inner kindness

It was time to take the focus away from ‘just’ the belly, and step fully into Woman Kind.

It’s not so much a rebirth, but an honouring of the work we are delighted to share with you.



Who comes to our retreats?

Woman Kind is open both to women and people who feel connected to their womb-space, of any age from menarche onwards who are looking for a deeper connection with their well-being. You may have a womb, you may not. You may be rocking your cycle, you may hate it.  You may love being a woman or you may find the feminine a freaking nightmare. Wherever you are, we aim to hold a safe, welcoming space for your authentic Self to put aside your external obligations and cultivate your inner kindness.

Who is Woman Kind?

With a combined working wisdom of nearly 55 years between us, we came together in a shared passion for everyone to feel connected and comfortable in their bodies. That passion has expanded into the wish to see women embracing their individual needs to such an extent, that they flourish and truly step into their power. You can find out more about Kate and Leora here.


Our community

The Woman Kind Facebook group is a safe, supportive place to share your own journey with your menstrual cycle, menopause, creative process or whatever arises out of your exploration with self-kindness.

It grew out of a free program that reached women worldwide and a beautiful and supportive community was created. We are now extending the invitation to join the group to the wider community.

We are not currently taking new members, but if you would like to join us in the future, we’ll let you know in our email newletter.



Find free resources

Part of our commitment to cultivating kindness includes offering some fabulous free resources for you:

Menstrual and moon charts – to help you embrace your inner power

Womb Love – audio of our unique self-care massage, womb yoga and visualisation that will take you to a place of loving kindness to yourself.

We also have a wealth of information about menstrual wellbeing, perimenopause, menopause and how to be kinder to yourself.

Get invitations to our free events, earlybird prices on day retreats and marvellous menstruality support by email