Perimenopause Unwrapped


A self-paced online journey to unwrap your cyclical wisdom, bringing trust and self-compassion to perimenopause.






Also available by paying monthly instalments over three or four months

For information about concessions, see the bottom of the page

Do you find yourself saying shush! Enough with the noise! I need space. I need time to myself. I need to be doing less. I need to be saying NO more often.

Then there’s the pull to carry on doing, and to push through, which leaves you feeling overwhelmed, and never quite finding enough space and time for yourself.

Perhaps you’ve become proficient in the perimenopausal NO, but the years of too much doing and giving to everyone else have left their mark on your energy and capacity. 

Or you may be challenged at every turn, but you can’t put your finger on why, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, even fearful.

Those lists of perimenopause symptoms? Yup, you can tick all the boxes, even some you’ve never heard of before. And there’s now a cacophony of voices out there offering solutions to your menopausal experience. 

No wonder it can be confusing and fear-inducing.


all-of-this (1)


Whether it’s HRT, herbs, supplements, medications, or the right food to eat, the invitation is usually to look outside of ourselves to fix what we feel inside. Amongst all this noise we are rarely invited to turn inwards towards our inner knowing.


“It’s impossible to tell what lies within this program from the title alone.”


We’ve found through our lived experience and the decades of seeing our clients flourish, that focusing inwards first makes for less confusion and more clarity. By gaining insight into what soothes us, what brings us pleasure, by listening closely to what our body is telling us, and diving deeper into our seasonal and cyclical awareness, we see more clearly what external help will be most useful. 

Outside support is invaluable to our perimenopause journey, and when accompanied by an inner focus you can better access your authority, clearly state your needs, and narrow down your options to what will support your unique journey.

Also, no fixing is required.

This is why we created Perimenopause Unwrapped.


I finished Perimenopause Unwrapped on Tuesday night! It was utterly incredible – quite simply one of the most beautiful, deeply healing, gently holding experiences of my life. Like years of outstanding therapy for the price of one therapy session. I felt fully supported by you both every step of the way and I felt wrapped in love.”



You’ll come to Perimenopause Unwrapped with your own history and agendas, and it would be out of integrity for us to promise you a specific transformation: hyper-inflated expectations are just not our style! However, as you can read from Eva’s experience above, some powerful and surprising changes do manifest from journeying with the program: Eva found that everything fell into place so she could follow her calling shortly after completing the course. Here are some of the outcomes you might anticipate when you take the Perimenopause Unwrapped journey:

  • To engage with the demands of people around you while also acknowledging your own needs.
  • Give your emotions the validation they deserve and learn ways of expressing yourself more skillfully.
  • Understand what gets in the way of you resting, explore ways of resting that suit you, and actually give yourself the regular breaks you crave.
  • Let yourself off the hook by catching that often downright nasty inner voice, and choosing a more caring way of speaking to yourself instead.
  • Hold your boundaries and express what you need at work and home more clearly.
  • Acknowledge your vulnerability with compassion, and develop strategies to take the edge off the rawness.
  • Learn to prioritise pleasure, fun and connection (seriously good medicine).
  • Get more comfortable with the process of ‘becoming’ even though you don’t yet know what will happen next, or which direction you want to go.
  • Develop a go-to library of practices to soothe and ground yourself. Even when the shit hits the fan.




Can Perimenopause Unwrapped make those weirdly coarse chin hairs go away? Sadly no. We can’t guarantee that symptoms will magically disappear, and you’ll be able to float through the rest of your perimenopause transition when you do the program. What we do observe is though, that the relationship participants have with their symptoms changes. By becoming more curious, mindful and responsive towards the manifestations of change the pain may ease, and you might feel more resourced to be with symptoms if they come up. Simply put, this work might help you feel more present in yourself, perhaps with a growing sense of trust in your perimenopause experience.


this one thing


“Something very powerful has been unleashed by doing your brilliant retreat and it won’t be tethered again – my wild power is ready to be fully expressed and realised in the world and therefore the self-care, rest, and healing work must and will come first from now on so I’m a fitting vessel to do the holy work I’m being called to do next.”


All about the program

The material is drawn from our 1-2-1 and group work over the decades, then further developed over time in response to our participants’ feedback, and their experience of the program. The topics covered include:

  • Menarche, aka your first period
  • The Menstrual Seasons
  • The Life Seasons
  • How the inner cyclical awareness can support you through your perimenopause/menopause journey and beyond into a cracking elderhood
  • You’ll explore self-touch with a guided belly massage
  • A Yoga Nidra experience
  • Plenty of space and time for reflections on each of the practices with journal ideas to explore
  • Opportunities to look beyond the content of the program and how you can integrate the material in your life
  • How to create support for yourself throughout your perimenopause and menopause transition

The healing insight gained from exploring the relationship between your first period, your menstruating life, your menopause experience and post menopause life, is not to be underestimated. This alone changes lives.  


it sets you up


The program is designed for you to read, watch or listen to the content at your own pace, gently guided by our well-considered, step-by-step process. You’ll have noticed how perimenopause doesn’t like to be rushed, and this program is no different. We encourage you to take all the time you need to integrate the shifts you experience. It’s divided into 21 daily chunks, but you take it at your own pace.

We encourage you to come back to the material again and again; you will gain something different each time, building on your knowledge and experience every time you use the practices and theory.


What you’ll receive

Lifetime access to the self-paced program includes:

  A Support Book with all the course material:

    • Theory and details of cycle awareness, the Menstrual Seasons and the Life Seasons
    • Space for notes and responses to practices. 
    • Prompts for deeper journaling. 
    • The book is downloadable and can be printed off with live links to all the practices. 
    • The support book is yours to keep and add to throughout your perimenopause and menopause journey. 
  • Password-protected online access to all the course content. 
  • Some audio and videos are accompanied by written transcriptions to cater for how you prefer to learn from the material.
  • Opening meditation.
  • Two Medicine Circle practices: a Menstrual Medicine Circle and a Life Seasons Circle.
  • Guided womb massage. 
  • Yoga nidra. 
  • Videos from Kate and Leora cheerleading you through the course.
  • Closing meditation.
  • Suggestions for continued support and self-care.
  • Bonus online material throughout the program.


Medicine circles were almost magical in their ability to gently illuminate parts of myself and my experience that nothing else had been able to.



Who is Perimenopause Unwrapped for?

If you want a quick fix, aren’t self-reflective, need lots of hand-holding and have no interest in connecting with your body then, honestly, this probably isn’t for you. However, the program is ideal for:

  • Sensitive folk who are curious about how a seasonal and cyclical approach to living will support their perimenopause experience
  • People who are curious about their menstrual life journey, and how the imprints show up in their menopause years
  • Those into personal growth and looking for a holistic approach to your menopause transition
  • Those happy to go on a self-paced journey
  • Folk who are already exploring cyclical living and wish to focus on midlife shifts and challenges
  • Anyone who is choosing lifestyle, complementary health and/or HRT approaches to support their perimenopause experience

You will be amazed at the changes you observe in yourself through the course. By regularly committing just a little time to your unfolding process, sandwiched between sorting laundry and the cereal aisle, gentle healing happens.


 “It was like the antidote to the loneliness that can accompany this transition and all its challenges, helped me recognise the gifts for the first time, and gave me something to build on, so feeling more creative and less about loss.”


Our view of perimenopause

You may be familiar with the ‘inner season’ map of the menstrual cycle developed by Red School. It describes the natural expansion and contraction we feel through the menstrual month.  This cyclical renewal is also at play in a wider arc through our adult lives, with perimenopause standing at a pivotal shift in our energies.  

Patterns that are revealed within the menstrual seasons and serve as expert guidance through the perimenopause transition. By deepening our understanding and reflecting on our menstrual lives, we can more easily see our path forwards at this chewy time of life.

Using the cyclical map it’s clear to see that perimenopause is far from a catastrophe, but a process of shedding and reflection that precedes a new start in the Second Spring of postmenopause. 

Our mission is to bring kindness and validation to this process.




Who are we?

Leora-and-KateKate and Leora have been working together since 2014, offering body-orientated approaches for menstrual and menopause health. Between us, we have 55+ years of experience in complementary therapy, seen thousands of clients both 1-2-1 and in groups, and have seen time and time again that the most powerful guide to wellbeing is yourself and your own body.

This program isn’t suggested to take the place of therapy, we encourage participants to take care of themselves, to reach out to a trusted therapist, or teacher or mentor if more support is needed.


Before I was really frightened of what was coming, now I am embracing it and even in the eye of the shitstorm, I know there’s a purpose to all this shedding.

I truly am unwrapping myself as part of my peri-menopausal process and this has completely re-framed and changed my approach to the change that is a-coming.


We would love to make the course as financially accessible as possible, and offer a concession price of £87

The consession fee is available to:

  • Those on low or no income, or are on Universal Credit or Housing Benefit
  • People of colour
  • The LBGTQ+ community
  • Those with disabilities and receive disability benefits such as ESA, PIP or Attendence Allowance

The fee can be paid in instalments of £21.74 over 4 months here

Or a one off payment of £87 can be paid in full here, using the code ACCESS

We’d love to welcome you to Perimenopause Unwrapped!

if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch