What are Medicine Circles?


On our Woman Kind retreats we love to share Medicine Circles. They are a guide for you to explore insights into your individual needs and an understanding of the inner patterns that govern your life. The circles are energetic, embodied processes which not only connect you to practical steps for your self-care but can also subtly heal the energy of the cycle without effort. We hold them with safety, offering space for you to be nurtured, while affirming your authority.

Medicine circles are a sacred process. Women find that the information can come from imagery, movement, sensation, emotional resonance or connection, whatever is natural for them.

The Medicine Circles we offer

Menstrual Medicine Circles

In a Menstrual Medicine Circle, you take an embodied journey through the inner seasons, to better understand the challenges and gifts of your menstrual cycle.

The Life Seasons Circle

This circle lets you experience your life season from the maiden spring years, through the creative “mother” summer phase, the autumn years of perimenopause, your winter time of menopause, into your “second spring” of post menopause.

At our peri/menopause retreats, we dive deeper into the phases of menopause. This allows for the opportunity to address the challenges and feel the reassurance of the new cycle of the second spring.

We use the circles in different ways, for example:

·      Embodied group process

·      Guided visualisations online

·      1-2-1 sessions online and in person

What are the benefits?

This special process helps restore your natural energy flow and create a feeling of wholeness. The Medicine Circles allow you to discover where you are blocked and what steps you can take to move forward.

In the days and weeks after your circle, you’ll see subtle shifts in your awareness and behaviour as the healing effect of the cycle emerges in your life. Rather like family constellation work, you’ll often find changes happening all by themselves in your life, though any kind of mindful practice will further support this process.

What happens in a Medicine Circle?

You start your circle by setting an intention for your journey.

We then support and guide you from the centre of the circle, through an imagined journey around the cycle, using the language of the menstrual seasons or the phases of menopause, to access insights.

You conclude by reviewing your experience and grounding your insights in do-able next steps.

Where are they from?

The Medicine Circles were born out of Red School’s many years of experience of working with women and teaching women the art of Menstruality. Having completed the Women’s Quest Apprenticeship in 2016 we trained as Menstrual Medicine Circle Facilitators and see great benefits from using them for ourselves and for our clients.

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