woman kind gallery

All sorts of surprising things happen at Woman Kind events….

Kindness for Therapists 2019
Kindness for Therapists 2019
Crossing into separation at Love Your menopause 2018
Love Your Menopause 2018
Feeling the womb love, March 2017
Womb Yoga, March 2017
Centre piece, March 2017

love your menopause

Love Your Menopause November 2016

Kate 5 chambers

Kate demonstrating the 5 chambers of menopause

Love your Belly February workshop
Womb Blessing
Kate and Leora
Leora and Kate at the Love Your Belly Womb Blessing February 2016
Love your Belly at the WI
Love Your Belly visits the WI

learning cycle awareness at the WI

Learning about cycle charting at the WI

ting! time for meditation ladies!

Ting! Time for meditation!

Kate and Leora
Kate and Leora at Stevenage Body Mind Spirit

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