Commit to Kindness

Commit to kindness (2)
Commit To Kindness was the free online programme for women’s health and wellbeing that ran in the summer of 2017.

If you know you want more out of life; if you want to do BIG stuff as well as savouring the fleeting moments; if you find yourself putting off the projects that are closest to your heart because others’ needs call you away, then you’re in the right place.


You might experience that your fertility journey, your menstrual problems or the uncertainty of peri-menopause are holding you back, but committing to being kind to yourself, by taking regular time out, can be just the start you need to make big changes to your health and lifestyle.


Commit To Kindness is a free, four-week programme

It will give you an opportunity to commit to giving yourself a little precious time every day. When you manage your energy, you’ll have the resources to ease your women’s health issues and do the things that will really get you excited. It’s a 2 for 1 deal!


We’re offering a programme, where small kindnesses will begin to make a big difference in your everyday life.  A small, sustainable change quickly grows.


Take time out

Taking time out for yourself is vital for your health and well-being but also to reflect, heal, dream and nourish your body with gentle touch. It’s really only by taking time out that we can develop the self-awareness we need to know when to move forward and when to step back.


But taking time out for ourselves is tough; sometimes everything seems to be more important than resting or dreaming. And there’s the kids and work and the partner and the house and…. Yes! This stuff will always be there; there is never going to be a perfect time to put YOURSELF first.




Hey, but you’ve read this far and this is where we can help.


The goodies you’ll receive

Each week, starting on Sunday 25th June, we’ll send you a practice that will nourish a particular seasonal quality, taking you through the whole cycle of growth, blossoming, editing and rest. Then on Wednesday lunchtimes, we’ll be live on our Commit to Kindness Facebook group sharing tips and ideas for making time for yourself. You’ll be accompanied by an amazing tribe of women, who totally get where you’re coming from and are on your side; together we can do this!


You will get:

  • How-to video that explains how you can rock your cycle AND your creativity
  • Menstrual or lunar chart
  • Instructions on how to chart
  • Guidance and audio for self-care massage, meditation, journaling  and yoga nidra
  • Facebook live presentations Wednesday lunchtime (available to view later)
  • Live Q and A so you can ask us anything
  • Access to the Commit to Kindness Facebook group to join our community of mighty women
  • Validation that your needs are important




Women who take time out have more energy, more juiciness, even a bit of a swagger because they know there’s the potential for something big that they’re going to create in good time, all the while enjoying emotional and physical menstrual health.


We want you to feel powerful, full of your own light and greatness. To be able to bring that greatness into the world where it can be seen and enjoyed.