Small group mentoring

10am – 12pm Wednesday 14th July

£27 or as a special offer £43 with Tender Perimenopause on 4th July if booked before 3rd July


You don’t have to do this alone

This is a unique opportunity for small group mentoring for the physical, emotional and soulful issues arising from menstrual, perimenopause and menopause challenges. Places are limited to a maximum of eight.

We have over 50 years of therapeutic experience between us and are sought after for our non-pathologising, gentle and grounded mentoring. We see time and again, how shame and isolation contributes to pain and that when we come together, we find the enormous relief that we are not alone in our struggles, and can travel more easily together. 

You might want to:

  • ·  Ask for feedback
  • ·  Call on our professional expertise in finding support?
  • ·  Gather insight into your situation
  • ·  Feel heard in a kind, gentle environment

Once our nervous system is soothed, we often find that thruths naturally arise for sustainable ways of moving forward, with more ease and clarity.

You can book your place here

If you’re not sure if this is for you, please get in touch to talk it through. Don’t forget you can book the Small Group mentoring together with Tender Perimenopause on 4th at a special price.

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