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We recommend you start today by downloading a cycle chart and tracking how you feel.

You’ll find instructions on how get started on each chart.

Guided Practices

We are proud to be able to offer a wealth of practices to suit your mood. Click on the titles to download.

Forest Meditation

If life (and your head!) is feeling super-complicated and overwhelming, Leora’s 16-minute guided meditation will provide simplicity. As you walk through the forest you leave behind the complexity of daily life and allow a simpler path emerge.

Wintery Yoga Nidra

A 15-minute guided Yoga Nidra meditation from Kate affirming your right to take deep, nourishing rest for yourself. Suitable if you’re in your period, perimenopause and/or proper knackered.

Sacred Journeying Womb Massage

If you feel disconnected from yourself, or in need of some self-love,  try this this 25-minute audio practice. Leora will guide you how to massage your womb-space safely and with love, finding relaxation and connection.

Menstrual Mandala

If colouring is your thing, put on the kettle and grab your coloured pencils. This fun mandala of menstrual products will give you a creative window in your day to let go of your thoughts and come back into the present.

Perimenopause Womb Massage and Nidra

We have created a wonderful refuge of a guided womb massage from Leora followed by yoga nidra from Kate, to meet the vulnerability with tenderness and love. Recorded live in June 2021, the womb massage will bring you into connection with yourself as you are today. The nidra invites you to feel held and nourished by the earth.

Winter into Spring

A 15-minute guided womb massage and visualisation from Kate, for when you want to rest and awaken to the miracle life and  greet the world with fresh energy.


If you have any difficulty with the downloads or questions please get in touch with us here.


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Watch, listen and connect; you hold your inner power!