Towards Simplicity – free perimenopause event


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7pm UK Monday  4th September

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Have you noticed how complicated menopause is becoming? It seems to have come out of the dark, from no one daring to talk about it, to a place where there are options, opinions and advice everywhere, and frankly, it’s just too much. When we were first in peri, it was barely known as a thing, but now there are products of all kinds being marketed for perimenopause.

Often it’s too noisy to think, let alone trust we can make good choices for our own care.

The noisiness can create overwhelm, anxiety, comparisonitis, and makes it easy to get persuaded by the latest narrative on our social media thread. Rarely does this actually help us to find our path, at an already challenging time.

No expert, however knowledgeable, can ever come close to the sense of knowing what we feel. Especially when we can connect to our intuition.

To make this inner connection, we need quiet: a quieter mind, more body awareness, more self-compassion, and simply more time to think things through.

That’s why we’ve created this free class:  Towards Simplicity, to offer you the tools to reduce the noise, so you can reconnect to yourself, develop a sense of trust in your body, and stay open and curious to the inner wisdom coming your way, during this transitional phase of perimenopause.


What’s on offer?

We’ve curated our top 4 ways of turning down the volume so that you figure out your unique path through perimenopause. Your own way, step-by-step. 

  • We’ll share the theory behind these four elements
  • Offer grounded explorations of what might get in the way
  • Give real-life examples of how to implement these four elements
  • A unique embodied meditation practice to take gentle steps towards simplicity (intention?)

As a special treat, we’re recording the audio separately from the workshop so you can use the meditation whenever you feel the overwhelm starting to creep in again, you’re very own perimenopause party bag. 

Our intention is for you to move from overwhelm to more clarity, and from blame to self-compassion.

This event is to celebrate the launch of Perimenopause Unwrapped, our self-paced online course that opens up the deep wisdom of perimenopause. We’ll be giving a few minutes to a shameless plug of our new offering. We are insanely proud of it!


Who is this for?

The workshop is suitable for all sensitive souls, navigating the perimenopause transition. You’ll find it of use if you are curious about developing self-care alongside whichever modalities you’re already, be it lifestyle choices, complementary therapies and HRT approaches. 


Who are we?

We have been working together since 2014, offering body-orientated approaches for menstrual and menopause health. Between us, we have 55+ years of experience in complementary therapy, seen thousands of clients both 1-2-1 and in groups, and have seen time and time again that the most powerful guide to wellbeing is yourself and your own body.

Our driving passion is to see more people reconnect to the wisdom of their bodies and the body of the earth.

We’d love to see you there.

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