Transcript of day 11 video

Hello there.


Well done you, you’ve got to day 11.


How was the womb massage? How was the experience of offering yourself touch in that way?


Touch is so powerful, it’s hugely powerful, and self-touch takes it up a level. So huge huge love to you for taking this step to spend time with your belly and your womb space. But do think about what this experience was like for you, and if it was tough, if it was challenging,  then please be extra gentle to yourself.


So if you did find it difficult, if you did find it tough, here’s a little idea of maybe how to make the experience easier next time.  Especially if your experience led you to saying “this is not for me” or “yeah don’t want to do this again” or you couldn’t get through it.


My suggestion to you is that you dial it back, a lot, and rather than listening to the guided massage, if that feels challenging, instead, wherever you are, you might be laying down, you might be sitting, you might be standing, you may even be walking…just lay your hands on your belly or over your womb space. It doesn’t even have to feel good at this time, just okay, just doable, and spend some time with your hands there, see what emotions come up, see the feelings that arise, note them down in your journal, be with them.

Then you can build up this self-touch to the whole of the guided self-massage when that feels good, when it feels okay for you.


So a huge congratulations and to celebrate reaching day 11 here’s another little idea of self-touch for you.


Why don’t you right now see how it feels to give yourself a self-hug, a congratulatory hug for moving through this beautiful, beautiful work.


A self-hug could be just gentle crossing your arms over each other, or up to your shoulders.


Or really getting in there with a bear hug, imagining that you’re hugging your best friend, or someone that you love dearly.


Squeezing in with you.


Give it a go, see how it feels.


You’re doing brilliantly, absolutely brilliantly and as always, go gently.

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