How Cycle Awareness Supports Your Business


If you are self-employed as a therapist or running a business you’ll want to be more productive. I bet you long for more kindness to yourself too, but how can we honour both needs? This video with Rachael Crow will give you heaps of ideas about how cycle awareness can help you to:

  • Set good boundaries
  • Help you to be kinder to yourself
  • Manage tech overwhelm
  • Access your super-talents in the pre-menstruum
  • Manage your energies in a sustainable way so you won’t crash and burn
  • Weave self-care into a busy life

Rachael Crow set up Moontimes 20 years ago, one of the first woman to sell eco menstrual products in the UK and here she generously shares her tips and insights into how cycle awareness helps her organise her time and become more productive.  If you’re thinking of how you can organise your business so that it is kinder to you, have a look at Rachael’s menstrual guided work schedule for inspiration.

She’s also giving you kind women a 10% discount in her shop when you use the code MT10%OFF at the checkout, thanks Rachael!

P.S. In the video Rachael talks about the quantity of disposable products in landfill, the correct statistic is 10-17,000 items per woman in her lifetime, not tonnes as stated in the video.


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