Day 1 Opening Meditation transcript

We’re so thrilled to be welcoming you to your Perimenopause Unwrapped journey. Thank you for choosing to immerse yourself in the adventure, and see the potential in the gifts you get to unwrap. There’s absolutely no pressure to complete the program in 21 days, this is simply a guide. Please take all the time you need.


We want to acknowledge how courageous it is, to be navigating perimenopause and menopause in the conscious way you’re choosing here, it’s no small thing.


We’re going to settle into the program now, with an opening meditation, knowing that even as you work through Perimenopause Unwrapped at your own pace, you’re on the journey with all of those who choose to consciously explore perimenopause and menopause. That in itself brings us together. You are truly never alone on this journey.


Give yourself space now, turn off phones and other distractions.  PAUSE Take some time to sit, or lay down, or whatever feels most easeful and comfortable for you right now.


Invite your body to connect to where you’re sitting or lying, feeling the support from below. Feeling your bum on the seat, back against the chair, or your body connecting to the sofa or bed under you.


As you settle into your support, allow your eyes to close, or to lower your gaze if that feels more comfortable.


Bring your attention now to your breath. Be with your breath as it is, right in this moment, there’s no need to change anything. Notice where you feel ease in your body, notice where you feel resistance in your body. All is as it’s meant to be. Just notice.


Take your awareness now to the circle of those who are consciously travelling through perimenopause, those who came before you, right now and those who will come after you. Feel their presence, the support each and every one of us beams out to each other. Trust you are in the right place.


Now, allow your hands to be facing with your palms up, ready to receive.


Gently now, see how it feels to deepen your breath. If that doesn’t feel ok, then be with your breath as it is.


The invitation now is to bring your intention for your Perimenopause Unwrapped immersion into your mind’s eye.

See it, feel it, imagine it.

Then imagine placing your intention in your heart space.


As your intention settles into your heart space, see it surrounded by golden light. Your heart space gradually fills with golden light expanding your intention, as it glows brighter and brighter. The golden light holding your intention fills your entire heart space. Nourishing, enlivening, lifting, making the whole experience vital.


Invite your intention glowing with golden light, to spill over from your heart space and into every cell of your body. With each breath seeing your entire being light up with your intention. Feel it, taste it, see it, lighting up all parts of you. Readying yourself for the perimenopause immersion.


Scan yourself, and seek out spaces and places that you want to see glowing with this nourishing golden light.


Give yourself time to fill every part of you, with the golden light of your intention, until you feel full and satiated.


Notice your breath again, be with your breath.


Place one hand over your heart space and the other over your lower belly or womb space, and offer a deep breath of gratitude for gifting yourself this time and space.  Gratitude as you welcome all you would love to receive from the program you’re now immersing yourself in.


Now, very gently open your eyes, take a moment to feel the support under you, holding you, your bum in the chair, back against the chair or your whole body on the sofa or bed. With your eyes open, look slowly around you, very slowly, and notice where you are and what you see. Welcome back to the present.


Please use your Support Book to note down your intention, or in your journal if you’d like to dive a little deeper into what you’d love to receive from the program, and maybe your experience during this meditation.


Enjoy all your Perimenopause Unwrapped explorations.

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