Transcript of day 14 video



We’ve reached a 14, it’s a really lovely time to think about pacing, and how you’ve reached your day 14 here.  Pacing is a thing, and pacing is really important, and as we said at the beginning however long it takes you to do the 21 days it’s absolutely and 100% right, in how you’re doing this.


So if it has taken weeks to get here, all good. If it’s taken months to get here, brilliant.  If you’re on day 14 after starting at one day one, fantastic too.  And if this is a year and a half down the line, then, all is as its meant to be.


Huge well done, and thinking am I not keeping up with this, and the thoughts that some of us do get when we’re doing a course like this, is you don’t need to be keeping up with anybody or anything because this is all yours.


What great time to reflect on everything that you’ve been absorbing.


You’ve been exploring the Menstrual Seasons.


You have hopefully experienced the Medicine Circle.


And maybe learn new skills with touch, and touch your belly and womb space, exploring that way.


And maybe getting an idea of how the Seasons are coming into your life, and how they fit into your life.


It’s a lot you’ve been taking in and absorbing so huge well done.


Before we head into the phases of menopause, we would love you to take a moment to pause and reflect and celebrate yourself, and everything that you have been experiencing.


You know you have gifted yourself time, that’s huge, that’s massive too.


Celebrating what you have been listening to and experiencing and everything you’ve been doing yourself…the great thing about all this information that you’ve been taking in, is that you once you know it you can’t unknow it, it’s with you for life, and it is with you for whenever you want to tap into the information.

You’re amazing, keep going gently, and keep on enjoying the unwrapping as you go. Take care.

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