Transcript of day 20 video




It’s Day 20, and it’s a day of reflection, reflecting on how you’ve moved your way through the program, so it seems like a perfect time for us to say huge huge well done.


You’ve made it, you’ve done it, and to acknowledge the amount of courage and commitment you have shown to reach this point, and the time that you’ve taken, the gift of time, that’s not to be underestimated in the very very least. It’s huge, a big big hug of congratulations at this point.


And remember that you have your support book with you as a pal, and companion, and a friend, and all the things that the book can be to you. Also, one to recognise that there’s lots to to feel into on this Peri menopausal journey, and all the unwrapping that you’ve done so far. It’s there for you, for the whole of your menopause journey. Don’t forget your little pal that you can turn to anytime, that you can go back to the reflections, you can go back to the thoughts, and, it’ll be different, what was today in your perimenopause, will be something very very differently to your menopause, so use the resource to fill you up as you journey through menopause.


Also the practices are there to go back to whenever you feel you need them, or even if you’re saying I don’t need them, that’s the great time to head back into them because it’s a different experience every single time you go into one of those practices. You go on different journey, and different information comes up, so it’s there as a life resource for you. Please enjoy them.


As you reflect on your journey you’ll start to notice that this is ongoing work, so you might have ticked this off your list and thought hooray, but also as you look back at the prompts, or they come to you, think about them at some point in the future, things will unfold more deeply for you, and as Leora says, if you go back and look again at the support book, you’ll find that you have more objectivity around what you experience, what you’ve noted down, but also your be able to add to it, so again, it’s this ongoing unwrapping that you’re engaged in, and we hope, really hope to have initiates this, that it’s started something, as well as the heading towards the end.


And we really wanted to drop in, that if you’re feeling, or rather when, you are feeling panicky, and things get chaotic and messy and horrible, to remember that as uncomfortable as this is, it’s also a sign of growth. That when things implode it’s because there’s something new emerging, or about to emerge, or at some point emerging. So to really give you a different context for the messiness, that there is something new coming, but we don’t yet know what it is.


Lots of little phoenixes rising from their little fires.


That’s what perimenopause is right?   A phoenix rising, and you are the phoenix rising, and it’s such a privilege to be able to witness these phoenixes rising, through perimenopause.


Enjoy your reflections today, and the closing meditation tomorrow.


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