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A very warm welcome to Woman Kind, we are so pleased you’ve decided to get charting! First of all, bookmark this page so you can find it again and download more charts in the future.

You can download your menstrual chart by clicking this menstrual chart link

Or, you can download a moon chart

The illustration of symbols for charting is here

How to use the chart:

1. Print off a few copies at a time.
2. You can start charting where ever you are in your cycle, just put in today’s date under the relevant day. Day 1 is the first day of your bleed.

3. Use the ‘flow’ segment down to note your mucus or menstrual flow on each day.
4. In the feelings section, you can note your emotions, whatever they may be, your general mood, thoughts (is your inner critic talking to you?) and energy levels. Add in the full moon and dark moon on the outermost ring.

Over the months you will see your unique pattern emerge, along with the lunar cycle, as you record your flow and feelings.

With this awareness you can recognise the days when it is most beneficial to you to allow yourself some extra kindness by slowing down (such as on the days you are bleeding), days when you are feeling more energetic and full of ideas (maybe when you are ovulating) or days when you know its best to stay away from certain people and situations as you may feel less tolerant (when you are in your premenstrual phase.

Watch and learn, you hold your own inner power!

If you have any questions about your cycle you can get in touch.

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Menstrual Mandala

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  1. Maria gillott says:

    I am very interested in your work for women ,where will the seminar “love your menopause take place ? I am in Portugal right now but hope to come over for that Date ,we organise a family festival in Portugal every summer ,maybe you would like to bring your work there? Thanks Maria

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