Am I Going Mad? Online Retreat


Venue: Wherever you’re comfortable

Dates: 1st July – 14th July

Cost: £33

Am I Going Mad? is a two week, online retreat to explore the landscape of perimenopause.

We’re planning to hold Am I Going Mad again in July 2020, if you want to know what it was like to participate, you can read some of the women’s experience here

In our 40’s we’re coming into our power, establishing in our skills, our career, maybe parenting too. There is a deep irony that this is just when perimenopause kicks in and starts to work her magic. Self-doubt, questions, fears, doubts about your relationship and the desire to run for the hills come on strong. Moody? Don’t even get us started on that one!

But we are here to tell you…

You are not mad, you are waking up!

This wibbliness is the beginning of the amazing transformation that it menopause. It brings you to a place where a more fearless, healed, awakened version of yourself is born.

Instead of looking outside for solutions, we believe your inner autumn or premenstruum has the answers you seek. By paying attention to this phase of your menstrual cycle, you will be able to unlock your own medicine to your own perimenopausal challenges. You already have the tools you need.

We have a delicious selection of processes and nourishment for you to drop into as you begin the wake-up call that is perimenopause, so you can enter into the zone well informed and resourced.

What’s on offer

A safely held, nourishing 2-week retreat on Facebook that will help you to explore your inner landscape and unearth resources to navigate your transformation.

You will receive

An illustrated support workbook

To support you through the retreat with information about the phases of perimenopause, the inner seasons of your cycle and how to chart your cycle. The support book is a resource to contain your process and to add to later, enriching your experience as you traverse menopause. There are prompts for you to explore patterns set up in menarche, the seasons of your cycle, through the menopause process and into the second spring of postmenopause.


Menstrual charts to track your mood and energy if you have a cycle or moon charts if you are not bleeding.

Menstrual Medicine Circle

Monday 1st July – Join us for our opening meditation and begin our journey by exploring our experiences at menarche.

Wednesday 3rd July – A Medicine Circle experience to explore the gifts available to you in your cycle, especially your pre-menstruum/autumn, so you can access the wisdom that will serve you at this time.

Self-care Womb Massage

An audio download of a delicious self-care womb massage practice for you to keep, which not only brings the physical benefits of improved circulation, but also invites you to sink into a deeper connection with her, or the space she has held, if you’ve had a hysterectomy. Your relationship with your womb during your menstruating years may be or have been complicated, or loving, or perhaps indifferent. We’re offering an opportunity to be with her, at this sacred time of transition.

Life Seasons circle

Tuesday 9th July – The Life Seasons Circle – an embodied, guided journey through perimenopause, the stages of menopause and into the second spring of post-menopause, so you can feel from the inside the transformational possibilities.

Yoga Nidra

An audio of a delicious Yoga Nidra to affirm the approach of your new life cycle, soothe your soul and bring in more confidence around your perimenopause challenges.

Online support

Personal support from both of us in the Facebook group throughout the two week retreat, sharing and reflecting on the prompts in the support book.

Closing meditation

Sunday 14th July – A grounding practice to close the retreat and help you integrate what you have learned.

Cost: £33

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Sponsored places

We adore offering a sponsored place at our events, and this time we would love to give away two places on the online retreat. All you need to do is nominate yourself by emailing Kate before 16th June.

How do you know if this is this for you?

This retreat is designed for sensitive women in their 40’s who are interested in navigating their perimenopause, exploring the transition as an inside job, and engaging with the transformational possibilities of menopause.

If you are in crisis or require stronger holding for another reason, we both offer one to one sessions. Link…We’re also happy to chat if you’re not sure if Am I going mad? is for you. Just book a free clarity call with Leora or Kate to talk it through.


Here’s what one woman said about our last online retreat…

“There was a great sense of excitement for me around knowing there is somewhere safe to go when I wanted to learn more, have time for myself to grow and just “Be” and like I said before, to feel part of a bigger power of women. Don’t let it end!”

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Or you can always book a 1-2-1 session with Leora or Kate

We’d love to see you soon!