Feedback on Am I Going Mad

To get a feel for what our perimenopause online retreat was like from the inside, here is some feedback from Am I Going Mad? July 2019.

I absolutely loved being part of Kate and Leora’s online retreat. It was really well organised and there was so much interaction and support in the group throughout each day. I learned so much, and now have a toolbox of resources to support me, including a workbook, and recordings of Medicine Circles, Yoga Nidra and Womb Massage. We travelled through the menstrual years from Menarche to the Second Spring of Menopause through daily prompts, the workbook and our experiences in the Medicine Circles. I highly recommend this journey.


Thank you both for this wonderful offering that you’ve given us to explore over the past 14 days. It’s been a powerful gift that I’m sincerely grateful for, I’ve felt held and nourished, and many other emotions throughout the process. The Medicine Circles have been the richest aspect of your offering, as has the yoga nidra, and the womb massage, all elements that I connect with deeply and offer myself and others, but truly gave me a deeper connection to my Maga Self.

Jayne Power

 It’s been wonderful to have had an anchor point to bring my awareness to each day to care for my womanliness. I am coming away with a deeper trust actually in myself, that my lived experience of being a cyclic woman is real and true and worthy of love and care. It’s been wonderful to journey with other women, Thank you, Kate and Leora, You have given so much care and attention and it has been received with gratitude. It’s felt lovely to be on the receiving end of this work and in safe, knowledgeable hands. And it’s wonderful that I can now dip into these resources and when I do I will be reminded of my connection with this circle.


I was hesitant about joining the group initially as it’s not my regular source of pleasure, but I am so grateful for the experience you have both gifted me – the pleasure of getting to know myself so much more and the gift of feeling connected with such beautiful souls that I would otherwise have never met ❤️❤️❤️

Laura Wheeler

Leora & Kate held a beautiful, safe space to explore where we were all at in our journeys through menopause.


This retreat was one of kind ! It was nurturing and grounding. There were different ways of interaction. The group was great and the practices shared were very genuine and filled with kindness and wisdom. Thank you so much .

Kate and Leora hold the group with warmth and kindness. It was a truly safe space to explore perimenopause , connect with women going though it, learn tools to support the transition.

We’re planning to hold it again in July 2020 and we’d be delighted if you’d join us!


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