How to chart your cycle


The practice of noticing how your energy shifts through your cycle soothes the nervous system and helps you to accept and work with your changing needs, rather than against them.

You don’t even have to b menstruating to get the benefits, f you don’t have a cycle, or a very irregular one, charting with the moon can present the same benefits.

You can find  cycle charts and a quick-guide to symbols to use  here.

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The following video will get you started in finding out how to chart your cycle.

How to Chart Your Cycle

The Inner Seasons

To help you orientate yourself we use the inner seasons, you’ll be familiar with the external seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. We use this model to understand the quality of the different energies we experience through the month.

If you have questions about your charting, come and find answers in our friendly Woman Kind community.


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