How to be a powerful woman


I talk to mentor and yoga teacher Alison Goodwin about how menstruality can enhance your power in the world, we talk:

  • How cycle awareness helps women in leadership positions
  • How to weave authentic productivity into the corporate world
  • How to use cycle awareness as a management tool, even for men!
  • Why women need encouragement to be angry, and that’s OK
  • Changing the collective narrative
  • Why the problem is not with men
  • How raising our awareness makes us more politically aware

Amongst all this exciting stuff, Alison’s cat makes a starring appearance and I make her cry when I mention Trump.

Alison lives and works in York, here’s her site.

As well as relaxing weekly classes, she hosts nourishing monthly workshops and transformational retreats.

She says she’s overcome many fears and challenges to get to where she is in her career, and it’s now her mission to help other women do the same with her mentoring and leadership offer for women – Strong Woman, Strong World.

She also holds an excellent space for powerful women on Facebook which is well worth dropping into.


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