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It is the small things...

About Hannah Bellamy

Hannah BellamyMy name is Hannah and I obtained my holistic massage diploma in 2014. I am currently qualifying in Fertility Massage (I like to call it woman’s health massage as there are many reasons why you would want to try it) and will train in pregnancy massage in July. My training has opened the doors to my version of Narnia and through my work, I hope to share my discoveries and passion for women… Because we truly are amazing beings.

I am fortunate to be in the position to offer home visits in the following locations: Guildford & Woking (Surrey), High Wycombe, Marlow, Maidenhead &Windsor (Berkshire and Buckinghamshire), and Southampton, Romsey areas (Hampshire).


Why is it so hard for women to be kind to themselves?


It starts from childhood and I believe that there are many factors. One of them is how we have been subjected to the ideology that women can lead their lives just like men. From a career perspective, relationships and socially. In the search of equality, so many women have neglected their woman roots and who they are, pushing through our menstrual cycle as if it doesn’t affect us.

We aim to please, achieve, have a career, respect ourselves, have children or assume that we do because we may don’t! AND if we do want children and can’t have them we are just meant to deal with it and move on… always be happy and bubbly, not let our periods get in the way, make sure that we look amazing 24hr around the clock and if we have spots, greasy hair or feel fat, it’s just not acceptable… we are meant to work hard to progress, never show emotions at work and then come home to chores and housework and to do everything perfectly (don’t forget the ironing)… we are meant to love and care, be compassionate and reach out to others, we are meant to be strong and deal with emotions internally because no man likes a crying or pained woman… We are told and therefore we think that we need to perfect and good at everything because we are superwoman. And if we are not, then god forbid!

It is the small things...

What one thing do you advise women to do to be kinder to themselves?

I would like to tell women to chart their menstrual cycles and to learn to be as genuine as they can to themselves. Easier to say than to be done… I know!

If I have to give 1 piece of easy advice: I’d say to allow 5 minutes every now and then to just sit and have a cup of “something” with no distractions. After all it is the small things that lead to bigger changes.


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One thought on “Hannah Bellamy on Kindness

  1. Julie says:

    How true Hannah.
    Men & women ARE very different but complimentary and perfectly equal.
    We must love who we are, and know that we are as valuable as men.

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