Therapists need self-care too!


Hilary-LewinI talk to one of favourite women Hilary Lewin about how therapists need self-care too. Hilary is straight-talking, no holds barred honest, which is why she’s my professional supervisor; she has more than a quarter century of experience as a therapist and Arvigo teacher and as she says herself she’s made all the rookie mistakes.

As you’ll see if you watch the video, she also makes me laugh, in fact, I kind of lose it a few times, especially when she whips out her wombs to talk about the ultimate in free self-care.

My favourite quote?

“Do you treat yourself like an honoured guest in your own home? “

Stay tuned to find out her views on:

  • The essential self-care every therapist should use
  • Developing great boundaries
  • Financial self-care
  • How to make sure someone has your back
  • How our fears sabotage our well-being
  • How generosity is the best advertising
  • Gin
  • Slapping yourself with basil
  • Keeping the home fires burning
  • How to ask for what you need


Hilary’s gorgeous silk Kaftan is created by Clare Jasmine Beloved, who will definitely get your oxytocin flowing.

The excellent yoga we mention is Yoga with Adriene.




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