Feedback on Menopause Retreat 2018


We were so touched by the feedback we received about the menopause retreat in November. Here’s what some of the women reported afterwards.

“I started the day a little hesitant and wary about what would happen. This has been part of my experience of being in the midst of perimenopause for the last 2 years. Things I used to relish, have filled me with vulnerability and unease. I have withdrawn from group engagements because of this. Leora and Kate’s tender approach to the day helped me settle in, in my own way, on my own terms. By the end of the workshop I felt more accepting and less resistant about things, which felt huge. It’s been over a week since I attended and I feel as though the vulnerability I was carrying has been replaced by understanding. This has made way for more ease and confidence than I’ve felt in a while. I am still honouring my need to go within, and I am also following my nose with an emerging idea that has been there for a while but which I have not had the wherewithal to do follow up. This will make a significant difference to my business, and I’ve just heard back from a contact that they wish to engage my idea. This feels exciting but not overwhelming which is just perfect for this new phase I feel I am entering. Thank you Leora and Kate, this was just what I needed and I highly recommend this workshop to any woman who wishes to prepare herself for menopause, or who is already experiencing the emotional turbulence that can go with it.”

  • Sandra Champan

“Having journeyed with Kate and Leora on previous Menopause retreats, I was very much looking forward to this one. I certainly was not disappointed. It felt wonderful to be in a room full of fellow journeywomen. It felt special to connect to my menarche self and revisit some of the feelings around that pivotal step into womanhood. It felt like a deeply nourishing experience facilitated by 2 wonderful menopause queens.”

  • Catherine Tugnait

“I loved the menopause retreat day led by Kate and Leora. It was so insightful to embody the shifts that can occur in the different phases of menopause. It gave me a deeper clarity on where I am in my own experience. I am actually excited by the menopause possibilities! Knowledge is power!

There’s more feedback on other retreat days and workshops here.

You can read details of what we offer at our menopause retreat days, and we’re planning an online event diving into perimenopause for summer 2019. If this might be your thing, join our mailing list to get the details and the earlybird offer.


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