What menopause has taught us


It’s a joy to meet someone with a positive vibe for menopause to match our own and we were delighted to meet Tania at her excellent talk in London last month. Tania is a menopause coach and at The Wiser Woman where she has fascinating articles and an excellent online course.

There was so much to talk about that Kate got together with Tania Elfersy online, to each share their top three gifts that menopause has delivered to them.

The topics covered include rest, sleep, night sweats, the emotional ups and downs and why we might experience so many different menopause manifestations. Kate and Tania look at what our bodies might want us to know, and how we can take this time to connect with what we love, one step at a time.

Kate and Tania’s third lessons are absolute blinders, so definitely stick around for them. As menopause Pollyannas, it’s great to feel that there’s a global movement to change the script from fear to fabulous.

If this has inspired to you enquire further into your own menopause process we’d love to see you at our next Love Your Menopause retreat day.


2 thoughts on “What menopause has taught us

  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you ladies for this interesting and fun video. I am currently going through a challenging but liberating time. I have made a decision to take some time for radical self care. I have given myself space and taken myself away from the emotional thoughts that I was drowing in. I am post menopause and truely belive that my 2 year yoga teacher training after my breast cancer and having my overies removed really helped me through. I have been practicing and teaching yoga now for 3 years and have recently just started a women’s circle. My work fills me with so much joy and gratitude. Yoga indra being a big part for us to, so nurchering. Thank you again so much ladies. This is day 1 of a month incorporating this type of listening, reading and self nurchering. Much love & blessings Premdevi xxx

    • admin says:

      Hi Premdevi,
      How wonderful that you are giving yourself such tender care, I can only imagine what gifts you’ll be receiving by the end of the month!
      Kate x

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