Be your own muse

Am I Going Mad? our online perimenopausal retreat 1st – 14th July

You know that point when you’re seriously questioning your sanity?

You’re in your 40s and gradually certain aspects of your life become intolerable?

That’s the time to take a breath, pull up a cushion, and invite you and your perimenopause self to take stock of what all this madness is about! Make friends with her, you can work through it together.

There’s a huge amount that we have to deal with as we move through perimenopause. All the physical manifestations, all the emotional fallout, all the psychological chaos. But once we accept that perimenopause is an inside job, our perspective on how we take care of ourselves at this tumultuous time can shift considerably.

I had a realisation of just how much my subconscious has been holding me on my perimenopause journey. I decided to review the themes of the dreams I’ve been having recently. Recurring themes of getting lost, being in unfamiliar territory, running to find something, dealing with vomit (that’s the ultimate release yeah?), making new connections while also feeling disconnected. It’s all so damn perimenopausal!

This presented another aspect of traversing through midlife; paying attention to our dreams. There’s much discussion on the purpose of dreaming, but I do love the idea of dreams being our internal therapist and muse, guiding us to clarity that may be hard to reach in our busy conscious lives.

Once I had made those dream connections, my soul was eased little more, knowing that I am working through the messiness while I sleep (when I sleep!).

When we look inward in midlife, whether that’s consciously, subconsciously or in process (Menstrual Medicine Circles are perfect for midlife exploration), there is heaps of wisdom to be found within. And there’s truly nothing more powerful than being your own muse.

At Woman Kind we’ll be diving deep into working consciously with perimenopause in our 2-week online retreat Am I Going Mad? between 1st and 14th July it would be lovely to see you there.


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