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7pm – 9pm Wednesday 12th May

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finding understanding and healing from within

Our 40’s and 50’s are a time of inner upheaval, many of us have the sensation that just as we’ve finally found our feet, the rug has been pulled out and we’re landing badly. At Woman Kind we see perimenopause as an inside job. It’s a transformational process that is moving us forward into the postmenopause version of ourselves; where we can be authentically ourselves.

At Perimenopause Medicine you will experience a Life Seasons Circle – an embodied, guided journey through perimenopause and into the Second Spring of post-menopause so you can feel the transformational possibilities from the inside.

The Life Seasons Circle can be helpful for many issues including:

  • Physical manifestations (aka symptoms) of menopause
  • Anxiety
  • Understanding of the possibilities of post menopause
  • Finding out where you are
  • Deepening your spiritual understanding and practice
  • Understand your creative process 
  • Or you might want a space for ‘dreaming’, a check-in or metaphorical ‘tune up’

You can read more about what Medicine Circles are and where they come from here.

How it works

  • We open by connecting in with ourselves and with our intention for the Circle. 
  • Using your intention as a focus, you’ll be sensitively guided through an imagined journey around the cycle, visiting the seasons of life, to access your insights.
  • There will be space to reflect on your journey and the headline information that has emerged.
  • We close the evening by grounding what you would love to take from your circle experience into your real world life, as you continue to navigate perimenopause.


As well as reconnecting to a sense of kindness in yourself, Life Season Circles are often deeply reassuring. You may even notice over the following months how the medicine of the circle energetically heals, bringing better balance into your life.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there, any questions just get in touch or you can book directly here.


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