Self-Kindness for Perimenopause – a free workshop


A 1hr workshop on Zoom for you to access self-kindness at this challenging time

7pm Thursday 1st October

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If you are perimenopausal, you are one of approximately 13 million in the UK who is making this journey at the moment. 

A fifth of the population!  

It would be a movement, except that there is so much shame, fear and negativity attached. Many of us can’t get the information we need and are suffering unsupported.  In fact, the negativity is actually making our symptoms worse, and making us feel like we’ve lost the plot!

Please be reassured, you are not losing the plot, not at all.

Perimenopause is the beginning of the amazing healing that is the menopause process. It’s not how menopause is sold to us, but it IS an initiation. One where we embark on a journey that moves us towards birthing ourselves into the Second Spring of postmenopause, a time of potential, renewed creativity, vibrancy, and exploration. From the depths of perimenopause, it’s hard to see the potential, especially if all you hear and see is the negative narrative. Support and community are vital at this time.

At this workshop, we’re offering the radical notion that bringing a kind attitude, enquiry and gentleness, will guide you to the medicine you need. We’ll share how you can introduce care and understanding to your situation,  which will soothe your system, and help to reduce your symptoms.

Using a lovingly guided meditation, we’ll explore the gifts and resources available to you in perimenopause. There’ll be time to reflect and digest your experience afterwards, so you can craft yourself a unique self-kindness package to take away.

We’ll be meeting on Zoom and the workshop will be recorded for you to listen to later, if you can’t make it live. The recording will be edited to exclude personal sharing.

This introductory workshop includes an invitation to join the Woman Kind online program ‘Perimenopause Unwrapped’ at a special discount.

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