Cyclical Living Unwrapped featuring Julia Davis


In this episode, bursting with spring/summer vibrancy,  we’ll hear:

  • How Julia’s years of observing her menstrual cycle inform her perimenopause
  • How personality and physical seasons can conflict
  • To be observant of all the cycles around you when you don’t have a menstrual cycle
  • Living with the unknown in perimenopause
  • Observing physical and mental cues for rest
  • Navigating the sandwich of teens and ageing parents
  • The uncharted passage from perimenopause to Second Spring

Julia Davis is Founder of Yoga Teachers Forum an organisation providing continued education opportunities for Yoga Teachers. She is co-founder of The State of Birth Symposium an annual event created for birth educators of all kinds. She is co-author of “Circle Holding: A Practical Guide to Talking & Listening Circles” and she runs trainings for yoga teachers including Perimenopause Yoga Facilitator Training & Yoga Nidra & Circle Holding. She also teaches at and runs Finchley Yoga Studio in North London.

You’ll find Julia:

If you are curious about your inner seasons and are navigating perimenopause, you might enjoy our self-directed online course Perimenopause Unwrapped, where you can shine a light on the unconscious processes that are colouring your perimenopause experience and bring more awareness, choice and compassion to your transition. You can find it here.


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