Cyclical Living Unwrapped featuring Natasha Richardson


We’ll hear in this episode about the limitations of the ‘can do’ inner summer energy, and how pacing is the way to go. How Natasha’s inner autumn self-care has changed before and after having children, and the skills she’s developed for experiencing rest in various ways, with young children.

Natasha Richardson is the founder of Forage Botanicals, which makes natural remedies for periods and menopause. She has a Bsc (Hons) in herbal medicine and ran a successful clinic for over 10 years before writing her book ‘Your Period Handbook’. Now she has a team that takes patients while she focuses on product development and community relationships whilst raising her son and daughter. In 2021 she graduated from Oxford University with a Masters in design history where she has investigated women’s medicine from 1850-2010.

Find more info on Natasha:
Forage Botanicals website


If you are curious about your inner seasons and are navigating perimenopause, you might enjoy our self-directed online course Perimenopause Unwrapped, where you can shine a light on the unconscious processes that are colouring your perimenopause experience and bring more awareness, choice and compassion to your transition. You can find it here.




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