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Spring 2018

What could your life be like if you accepted yourself?

What could happen if you were able to be who you are, in all your guises, unapologetically?

Connect with what sets you alight and stokes your inner fire.


Our busy lives don’t leave much room for our sensitive internal process.  At Woman Kind day retreat we provide a welcoming, fun space to explore your potential. You will learn tools that will:

  • Help you to manage your time and energy effectively
  • Improve your relationships with yourself and those around you.
  • Know when to go for it and when to ease up!

We’ve got some life-changing self-care practices for fertility and menstrual health to share with you that can be woven into your daily life with the minimum of fuss, alongside a healing blessing. Here’s are the treats we have in store.


Womb Love

We have something extraordinary to share with you. It is a gentle process that takes you deep into your body, to release the blocks that keep you from enjoying your natural vitality.

Here’s our recipe for heaven.

We take one part of self-care belly massage

Belly massage helps to improve circulation, release the muscles and ligaments so that your digestive and reproductive organs can function better and improve the lymph flow so waste products are removed from the area.

Stir in one part of Womb Yoga
Then we add some womb yoga. These are gentle movements that encourage the pleasure and grace in your body, giving you permission to discover what feels good for you right now as you build the energy in your pelvis. As the source of creativity and grounding when we cut off from our pelvic area, we not only experience physical problems like pain and disease, but also emotional issues. Bringing awareness into the pelvis often brings new stability and clarity into your life.

Finally, add in one part of visualisation
The icing on the cake is the visualisation that we bring to intensify the massage and movement. Connecting up the loving energy of the heart to nourish the womb and pelvis, we create an invitation to clear away the blocks so that you can bring compassion and kindness to your body.

We call this unique creation Womb Love – because it invites the possibility of a harmonious relationship with your womb.

Our participants just love this combination and use it to softly let go of what no longer serves them, in a totally pleasurable way!
They feel:

“Peaceful AND powerful”
“Incredibly moved”
“Nourished and honoured”

Self-care belly massage

Learn to massage your belly, a practice that can help improve digestion and hormonal problems by improving muscle tone, circulation and lymph flow. It will also help you develop a kindly relationship with your belly and cycle.

Womb Energiser

You will receive an individual womb energiser, for healing and nourishing the feminine core. This is open to any woman whether menstruating, not menstruating, post menopause or post-hysterectomy.

Womb Yoga

Learn pleasurable, womanly movement that you can use to ground and center yourself in our busy world. Unlike many other kinds of yoga and exercise womb yoga puts the emphasis on allowing what is inside to emerge, where ever you are in your cycle or life. Blissful!

Your cycle and creativity

We will explore the seasons of the cycle and how we respond individually to the ebb and flow of our energy. This will give you the information you need to manage your energy to your benefit.

Natural Health Tips

Find a wealth of natural solutions to help you manage your hormonal issues.


You can find more self-care ideas and articles at the Woman Kind blog.


This unique self-help for women has changed our lives! Why not come along, you might be surprised at the positive changes that can happen effortlessly!


If you like the idea but can’t wait till 2018, we’ve been planning ahead and have also arranged –

Love Your Menopause Wednesday 1st November – Watford


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