Creating a positive menopause mojo


One of the universal perimenopausal experiences in our culture is of your world going wonky and the need to know what the hell is going on; the rug’s gone out from under your feet and nothing is making sense anymore. But how can we create a more positive menopause?

The map of the menopause, one of our most popular blogs, was a sort of Google map for women in their 40’s and 50’s giving clear steps for the process, in case you didn’t read it, here’s the jist;
Step 1 Separation – feeling lost and losing the plot
Step 2 Surrender – accepting you’re losing the plot and letting go
Step 3 Renewal – starting to feel the new shoots of energy and inspiration
Step 4 Vision – beginning to see pieces of your new life emerge
Step 5 Clarity and direction – speaks for itself; getting clear on your new direction

These are the 5 steps through any transformation and like all changes, there are elements that will help the process.

How to prepare for a positive menopause

Like birth preparation, knowing what your body needs to transition smoothly will make the process of menopause easier too. Here of some of the things that will help;

Being well rested – burnt out women coming into menopause suffer more
Knowing how to relax – get practicing people, hone your lounging skills
Being attentive and kind to your body – listening to the call and acting on it!
Being well nourished – beautiful food will ease blood sugar raging especially in the premenstruum
Having a positive attitude – imagine if aging was celebrated, in Japan ‘menopause symptoms’ are rare
Do your inner work – if you consistently heal your issues and align yourself, there’ll be fewer to derail you at separation
Good company – getting support from your tribe normalizes your experience

Positive menopause mojo

Imagine if we anticipated this period of transition with as much positivity as falling in love, greeting each new sensation with excitement, how would that be? Remove the negativity around age that colours our youth-obsessed culture, add in a little preparation and maybe our daughters’ menopause could look like this:

Step 1 Separation – notice where things in your life aren’t a great fit, start to slow down and pay attention to what is and is not feeling good for you
Step 2 Surrender – withdraw from what’s not working in your life, rest and create more space for healing
Step 3 Renewal – enjoy the new energy and ideas and soak them up for your own nourishment
Step 4 Vision – give space for the information about your next steps to download into your life
Step 5 Clarity and direction – open to and protect your new clarity and direction

Wouldn’t that be cool? Less The Change, more like The Refinement. In Mayan, Japanese and Indian cultures, menopause symptoms are rare and it’s viewed as a time of liberation and great respect. If we make a ‘conscious’ menopause now, think how this would inform our daughters.

Join us for Love Your Menopause on 21st November to find your direction.


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