You know that you’re perimenopausal when…

You know you're menopausal

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Self-Kindness for Perimenopause

You know that you’re perimenopausal when you’re 40+ and…

  1. You’re pissed off. Those things that irritated you before your period, now irritate you all the time.
  2. You can’t just ‘put up’ with things that are wrong for the sake of a quiet life.
  3. You cycle goes on for longer than usual, then shorter the next month.
  4. Your periods are like a blood bath.
  5. Your periods practically disappear.
  6. You get hot at night, but not because you’re feeling hot.
  7. You feel an inexplicable sense of grief.
  8. Me-time is ON! You leave on solo trips feeling gleeful not guilty.
  9. You feel lost and bewildered.
  10. What used to set you on fire, now leaves you cold.
  11. When you used to stay cool, you’re now blazing hot.
  12. What you used to really ‘have to’ do, you can now walk away from.
  13. Anxiety seems to hang around longer than usual.
  14. Your jeans are weirdly tight, but you haven’t eaten (much) more than usual.
  15. Your children are a lot less fascinating than they used to be.
  16. If you haven’t had children, fantasy family lives spring up before your eyes.
  17. Brain fog. Now where did I put that damn thingummy?
  18. You have the overwhelming urge to nap like a baby, all the time.
  19. You don’t take any shit, not anymore. Oh no.
  20. NO is your favourite word.

Any of this sound familiar? The symptoms of perimenopause are as unique as you are, but the list above are some of the finest wake-up calls that Mother Nature has to offer.

Wake-up!” she’s shouting!

Wake-up it’s time for change!”

During the process of perimenopause, all the stuff you’ve not properly dealt with in your life will pop up for healing, either in your relationships or as symptoms in your body.

The good news is that you are invited to change into a properly powerful woman;

  • if you take on the invitation to heal what needs to be healed in your life
  • learn how to really nurture your body
  • and honour your needs

Feeling properly powerful already? Then just you wait as see what you become!

What is perimenopause?

Perimenopause all starts because of the shift in hormones that begins to happen probably without you noticing, around 35 or so. In English peri means ‘around’, menopause means the end of your cycling. Actually, in Persian mythology peri means a female, supernatural being that was thought to be evil, but turned out to be angelic all along! I think I see a parallel there.

What is menopause?

In medical terms, you are ‘menopausal’ one year after your last period but it’s common for cycles to stop and start with more than fourteen-month gaps (yeah, that was me!).

What is post-menopause?

Post-menopause is when that list of pesky symptoms has gone from your life, that’s when you realise,

Oh! it was menopause working its magic!”

One thing’s for sure, there’s no certainty in this part of your life! If you’re feeling absolutely lost, you are probably in it, which is why you can come to our online program Perimenopause Unwrapped (enrolling 1st – 31st October) and find a map of your inner world to show you how to become the woman you would love to be. You can also read more about menopause on our site.

Remember to be kind to yourself – Kate x


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