Cyclical Living Unwrapped featuring Tara Ghosh


Cyclical Living Unwrapped explores the gifts and challenges of cyclical life with experts in the field of menstruation, perimenopause and cyclical living.

You can watch the interview in the video above or the audio is at the bottom of the page.

Tara  is a menstrual health educator, passionate about supporting people with periods to feel strong whatever season of life they are in. She is a certified women’s health coach, an abdominal therapist and works with people around the world 1:1 and through workshops, helping them navigate their period health and the menopause transition. Tara is also a sought-after speaker at schools, empowering the next generation to understand their bodies from the get-go.

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Tara’s fave 5-min rest song by Laor

If you are curious about your inner seasons and are navigating perimenopause, you might enjoy our self-directed online course Perimenopause Unwrapped which is available here

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