Movement (we’re so ditching the word exercise!) and your menstrual cycle



Do you feel pushed to stick to the same exercise regime over the course of your cycle?

Leora chats with Yoga Teacher and fellow menstrualista Tessa Sanderson, discovering how she brings together yoga and menstruality, and how this has deeply changed her work and her own practice. Plus a whole host of wisdom guiding us when to up the energy and when shift into a lower gear.

There’s also a special treat at 22:57 mins, as Tessa takes us through a short Yoga Nidra. Yum!

In the video find out:

  • Why we’re ditching the word exercise and embracing movement
  • How giving yourself permission to listen and be guided by your own energy, feeds your movement practice
  • How to playful with movement
  • Why checking in with your cycle can vastly enhance your practice
  • Why taking time to stop is just as important as higher energy movement

We talk about Tessa’s series of videos to support your yoga practice throughout your cycle which you can access here.

Many thanks to Tessa for the beautiful Yoga Nidra and guiding us to embrace nourishing movement.


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